Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 22 -

Today my cousin Hannah came to play with me. We had lots of fun together.

July 21 -
Stylin' in my cool sunglasses. Ready to hit the road!

July 20 -
Look at my new charge card!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I think this exersaucer thing is so cool. I have so much fun!

I am so incredibly cute in my Bumbo -- and with my rockin' sunglasses!

I love my new exersaucer. I have so much fun playing the animal sounds and trying to eat the alligator. I learned how to swivel my seat too!

I love Mrs. Bug. I try to eat her legs!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Here are some cute pictures of me, the cutest Haley there is!

July 9 -

I held my own hat after our morning walk. I wouldn't let go, either. I wanted to go back out!

July 7 --

I have some very sad news. My great-grandmother, Mimi, passed away earlier this week. Today I went to her funeral. It was very sad and I will miss her very much. I put a pair of my socks in her casket so her feet could stay warm. Mimi always yelled at Mommy because my feet were chilly and there were no socks on my feet!

I danced with spoons on the table. I think boys are great. Here I am with a really cute one! I like to coo at the boys like crazy.

July 4 --
Today I went to a picnic at Auntie Chalise's and Uncle Matt's. I was all dressed up for my first Fourth of July.

I got to play with Penny, the crazy pooch! She had fun attacking Mommy's hair.
July 3 --

Pretty in pink!

I love playing with my rings. I wave them around and bonk myself in the head.

Look! I'm more than 24 inches long!

An "inch"worm makes a nice hat.
July 2 --
Chillin' in my bumbo.

Mommy and I went for a long walk. Don't you love my hat and sunglasses?

July 1 -


Today I went to Tom and Kristine's wedding. Tom is my twin-sister!
I danced on the table and went with Drew to try and catch the bride's bouquet!