Friday, November 23, 2007

November 22 --
It's my first Thanksgiving.

Oooh Doggie!

Oooh! Haley!

what's this around your neck?

Gobble Gobble! Time for dinner!

Playing with my cousin Kyle
November 21 --
Look at my new diaper. Isn't it pretty?

Here comes Haley the wrecking ball!
November 21 --
Mommy is making me a stocking for Christmas. I helped!

November 20 --
Fun with cat toys!

November 19 --
Hanging at home with Daddy. I'm still sick ... and so is Daddy ... and so is Mommy :-(

November 16 --
A picture of my Mimi...

November 16 --
"W" is for wool!

November 15 --

This is where I hang out while Mommy takes a shower
November 14 --

Toys toys toys

I'm learning to crawl ... backwards

Oooh kitty. And I'm standing!
November 13 --
I love to read books.

November 7 -
Look what I can do!

Yum, celery!
November 1 & 2 --

I support breastfeeding!

hanging with my mouse!