Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ducks, ducks, ducks!

July 2007

June 2008
June 26 --
Today I went to the Beardsley Zoo with Auntie Chalise, Baby Nate, Auntie Rachel, and Hannah We visited Auntie Lindsay (she works at the zoo!) and she helped me feed the silky bantams (fuzzy chickens) and the goats.

I'll post pictures soon but for now here's a video of one of my favorite parts of the zoo.

Monday, June 23, 2008

June 21 --
Today we went to a strawberry festival!

June 19 --
Today we went to Auntie Chalise's house to visit her and baby Nate. Auntie Lindsay, Auntie Rachel, and Hannah were there too!

I played with the big ball.

Hannah and I bounced the ball together.

Auntie Lindsay read us a book about fossils.

We played with the funny green squishy toy. See Auntie Rachel? It's squishy!

Penny and I played tug-of-war with the green, squishy toy. It was lots of fun!
June 16 --
Being silly!!

June 15 --
After lunch and some fun on the town we went home so I could do some chores.
First I swept the kitchen....

...and then I read some books!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 15 --
Happy Birthday Kerri B!!

We went to Johnny Rockets for lunch.


No Daddy, we have to sort the sugar packets this way!

Straw. OMG that's so funny!

I love these chairs. My neighbor Donna has two of them that I like to climb on.

Going camping!

June 14 --
Happy FLAG day!!
June 8 --

I played with Patches. Can you see her? She was chasing the feather on the stick but got tired. I tried to entice her to come upstairs but she must have been pooped!

We went out after the big thunderstorms. Everything was wet.

WATER! I can see myself.

I'm trying to put on the MeiTai like Mommy does to carry me. I love the MeiTai.

Almost got it!!
June 8 --
Happy Birthday cousin Andrea!

"A playdate? Let me pencil you in ..."
June 7 --
Daddy is away this weekend so Mommy and I are hanging out together.

I had spaghetti for dinner. It's nice to wear your food.

It's post-dinner story time!

Who is that adorable, spaghetti-covered baby?

Bathtime! Let's wash off all the spaghetti. COME HERE MR. DUCK!

Sleepytime :)
Aren't I sweet when I sleep? I love to sleep with my Gloworm (THANK YOU AUNTIE HANNAH!!)
I flipped over :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 5 --
I love my little red car.

BIRDS! Mom - do you see the birds? BIRDS!!!

Beep beep!
June 4 --
I'm at the library again!!

The summer reading program is all about bugs. The library has some wonderful Painted Lady Butterflies and I got to see one come out of it's cocoon!

Trains ... my favorite. See the red bridge in the corner? I LOVE to steal that one and run around with it!

June 1 --
Mommy and I went with MaMe to Buckland Hills Mall today. We went on the carousel!


May 31 --
I saw my first rainbow!

Isn't it pretty?

Look! Two rainbows!
May 28 --
On Wednesdays I go with Mommy to the Rocky Hill library. She's working there with one of her students, Kristina. Kristina puts the books away on the shelves and sometimes I help. Other times I take books OFF the shelves. :-)

I love to play with the trains. Sometimes I even run off with the bridges.

These beads are so fun to play with!
May 26 --
Happy Memorial Day!

Today we went to Grammy & Grampy's house to have lunch.

I touched a pigeon. He was soft and made funny noises.

Ben got in the way of the picture. Silly Ben!