Sunday, January 21, 2007

I still have some time before I make my entrance into the world. For now I'm nice and cozy inside Mommy. It's nice and warm in here and she gives me lots of good food. I really like orange juice! I get the hiccups all the time because I'm gulping the amniotic fluid, trying to taste everything!

There's not much to do in here but I've designed a fun game I call "Kick Mommy In The Cervix". It makes her squirm and I think it's pretty funny. I also like to kick her in the ribs because it makes her jump. When she tries to sleep at night I practice my running skills on her left side while punching her on the right. Sometimes Mommy pokes me but I always poke her back. We have lots of fun together!

Mommy plays music for me. My favorite is Elvis! Sometimes I hear a noise that sounds like "purrrrrrrrr". I always here it at the same time each day and there's always a lot of pressure on me when it happens. I think it's a monster! (It's Tinkerbell)

That's all for now. I can't wait to come into the world and to meet all of Mommy and Daddy's friends. Besides, if Mommy is this much fun now just think how much fun we're going to have after I'm born!

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