Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 27 --

Ever wonder what I do all day? Here's your chance to find out! Proudly announcing the first installment of A Day In The Life Of Haley C.

7:05AM Wake up time! I nursed in bed with Mommy before crawling over to the windows to see the birds.

7:30AM Mommy takes a quick shower. I played in the bathroom with my piano, Clifford, and lion. Mommy looks silly with the towel on her head!

7:40AM BREAKFAST time! I decided I wanted to eat on the floor today and that the floor should eat some breastfast too.

8AM - Time to get dressed! Don't you like my diaper? It's red just like Daddy's truck. I love my FuzziBunz.

8:05AM - All dressed and sitting in the rocking chair. It's fun to rock!

8:06AM - SOCKS!

8:07AM - I have socks on!

8:52AM - I snuggled with Mommy and had some milk. Then I took a nap.

11:07AM - Awake from my nap! I like to sit on the stool.

11:10AM - I didn't play in the cat fountain while Mommy put on her socks.

11:20AM - Off to the store! We have to buy some juice for Daddy and mail a package.

12:30PM - We're back from the store. Now it's time for lunch. YUMMY!

1:00PM - Time to wash some diapers. The bin is full!

1:05PM - We put the diapers into the washing machine.

1:06PM - I played with the dryer balls.

1:10PM - Fun with my zebra.

1:17PM - I found my swing and had to have a go. I can hit the horn on my steering wheel. BEEP BEEP!

1:34PM - Naptime.

3:04PM - Into the kitchen for a snack. Watch me walk!

3:08PM - Having a snack and playing with my drum. I like to multi-task.

3:18PM - The UPS man came!! He rang our doorbell and gave Mommy a big box. I had to investigate. Guess what I found? BIRTHDAY PARTY STUFF!!

(Mommy will edit this tomorrow when she has some time)

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