Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 9 --
Today I headed to Maine for my first ever trip to Old Orchard Beach!

Mommy and I played in the back seat on the way there.

Oooh it's the bridge!! It's okay Mommy -- you don't have to cover your eyes.

Welcome to Maine. Ahhhh...breathe that Maine air! Oh, wait .. that was Daddy...

I saw a puppy dog when we got there. She liked to lick my hand.

Daddy and I walked in the sand. I wasn't so sure about the feeling of the sand between my toes.

Mommy and I outside of Pier Fries. They were yummy. Thanks for sharing MaMe!

OoOh a bird! Can I catch him Daddy?

Here's the bird I was chasing. Mommy named him Hank.

MaMe and I waved to the train.

I rode the carousel with Mommy. *I* chose the zebra!

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Kerry Lynn said...

I lost track of your blog (along with a lot of others) when I switched computers in January. I talked to Rae last night and I asked her to send me the link.

I can't believe you went to OOB! You drove literally (ok, not literally since I don't live on I95) past my house in Peabody. We could have met up! I was in OOB a few weeks ago. I grew up going there to a friend's beach house so I have very fond memories. Pier fries rule!

It's good to "see" you. Haley looks adorable and so happy!