Friday, October 17, 2008

Mommy and I are hard at work gathering pictures to post on my blog.

I say lots and lots of words now. I can say Mama and I loved to call for Daddy. I get very excited whenever I see a ditty (kitty) and bark (ah-ah) when I see a dayduh (doggy). I like to eat a wafwa (waffle) in the morning and have a dink of water to wash it down. I love to eat my nanas but I need Mommy to peel it for me. I also love to eat sarbers (strawberries) and goos (grapes).

I love to play with my baby and wrap her in a baky (blanket). I pat her back, lay her in her bed, and rock her to sleep. I like to sing her a song too!

I'm very good at putting on my shoos (shoes) but I don't like to have hos (socks) on my feet.

I tell Mommy whenever my diaper is wet or dirty (poopoo).

I like to call for Paaa (Patches) and Boo (Tinkerbell). I like to feed them treats and give them cat nip.

More to come!

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