Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2 --
If there is one thing that Mommy is passionate about (besides extended nursing, cosleeping, child led weaning, and attachment parenting) it's extended rear facing.

There's a "rule" that says you can turn a little one forward facing in their car seat when they reach 20lbs AND one year old. The truth of the matter is that it isn't the safest position for me or anyone else to be in!

I'm only 19 months old, 20.5lbs, and my head makes up 25% of my bodyweight. If I were facing forward in my car seat there is the potential that my head would snap forward and I could seriously injure my neck. Of course I could always injure my legs during an accident while rear facing but wouldn't you rather have me in a cast for 6 weeks than in a skull halo?

I'm still rearfacing and I like it. I have a mirror to look at myself and I can see Mommy too. I sing songs, clap with the music, and my favorite thing is to toss (snack, cup, toy, book, baby, etc) over the side of my seat. I could do these things forward facing or rear facing -- but I'm safest facing the back. (BTW, my seat goes up to 35lbs for rearfacing)

Decide for yourself what is the best for your little one. Mommy knows what's best for me!!

Rearfacing is Safest -- KyleDavidMiller Foundation

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**This site has many facts and links to car seat safety**

Crash Test videos:
Rear facing:
Forward facing:

November 1 --
Happy birthday Grammy!

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Kerry Lynn said...

ACK!!! I specifically ASKED my pedi if I HAD to turn them around at 20 pounds. She looked at me like I had 10 heads and said "I've never had anyone ask that before! usually everyone is dying to turn them around."
My common sense told me that rear facing was still safest. I'll be turning them back around tomorrow!
Thank you for posting this!