Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick update from Mommy ~

Haley is now speaking in 3-4 word phrases. She loves to give kisses for boo-boos (and get them for her own boo-boos). Her favorite body part is her elmos (elbows) and enjoys elmo-rubs with Mommy. Haley thinks Mickey Mouse is the greatest (next to Elmo) and loves his "Hot Dog" song.

As of right now Haley is starting to fit into size 18 month pants. The length is great but they're still a little big in the waist/butt area. Shirts are an absolute 18 months although only Old Navy and Baby Gap seem to be long enough to cover her belly. Walmart brands (George and Garanimal) are a joke when it comes to sizing; they're WIDE and really short!

Haley, Grammy, Meme, and I went shopping last weekend at Once Upon a Child. They were having a huge clearance sale so we stocked up on fall/winter clothes for next year. Now we just have to get clothes that will fit for this summer!

For fun we're keeping track of all the words Haley uses. I know that our list isn't complete but as of today we're at over 200 words! She's a little parrot so please, watch your language.

"Mine" is a common word around our house. Most of the kids in Haley's class are big on "mine" so we hear it alot around here. Luckily even though everything is "mine" she's willing to give everyone a turn.

Haley loves to cook, whether it's in her own kitchen or mine. She enjoys helping me mix things and knows not to touch the stove because it's "hot".

Quite recently Haley started using the word "here." Everytime one of our cats walks into the room Haley proudly exclaims "Boo here" or "Kitty here" with great enthusiasm. As we drive down our street she lets me know that both Boo and Kitty are here, as well as Mommy. Sometimes Daddy is here too but I remind her that he's at work and she exclaims "Daddy work .. Mommy here!".

I recently evolved from Mama to Mommy.

Today Haley and I went to Imagine Nation in Bristol. Haley had a great time and, of course, my camera battery decided to die before I could take any pictures. I got a few on my cell phone and I'll post them as soon as I can.

Other than that we're all just plugging along. Keep checking back for updates!

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