Monday, March 28, 2011

March 26

Today is my Birthday Party! This is the cake that Mommy made for me. It even has 4 on top!!

We had lots of fun with beach balls, balloons, and we did a dance with Ms.C!

Then we did arts and crafts. We made beautiful wreaths. Abigail watched Nate make his.

Sister kisses!

Next we put on a play -- Snow White. I was Snow White, of course.


The Wicked Witch

Snow White (that's me!) has eaten the apple and fallen down.

A handsome prince arrives...

I'm saved!

I was so excited about the wonderful gifts I received! An ARIEL doll!

The gang: Abigail (16m), Madison (9m), Haley (almost 4), Lucy (10m), Hannah (almost 5), Ella (1m), Tory (9m), Nate (almost 3).

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