Saturday, April 27, 2013

American Girl Tea Party

For her 6th birthday Haley requested an American Girl Tea Party.  We invited just two girls from her Kindergarten class plus Abby for a total of four girls and four dolls.  Mommy thought that would be manageable with Riley in tow ... and Meme's help.
Note: Meme refused to be included in any pictures.
Upon arrival each doll received a brand new dress with matching hat and a pink feather boa!

Our tea party table

The menu

Tea Party for the dolls

Kit is almost ready for the party!

Abigail gets ready for the party

Abigail and Mackenize

The girls decorate paper bags to bring their new treasures home in

Dancing with hula hoops

Stringing necklaces. Each girl made a necklace for herself and one for her doll

The girls played Cinderella's Shoe Hunt. We filled a bin with shoes (Abigail's) and each girl had to feel for her own shoes and get them on her feet.  Everyone excelled at this game and I sent Meme out to get prizes for everyone. Poor planning on Mommy's end!!

Haley finds her shoe!

Abigail peeked.  It was hysterical!

First she tried on Haley's shoe then peeked, realized it was too big, and tried again. In the end she got her own shoe and I couldn't fault my 3 year old smarty pants for trying to keep up with the 6 year olds!

We played Pass the Parcel and everyone got a book.

Patches liked batting the beads around.

The dolls all set up for their party!

At the start of the party we took a photo of each girl with her doll.  Daddy printed them out during the party and put them in frames which the girls decorated at the end of the party.

**I did not include pictures of Haley's friends as I didn't feel I had permission to do so so I kept photos to only those of my girls.

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