Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 27, 2009 --
Today I went all the way to Rhode Island to go to the Roger Williams Zoo! Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Rob went to see a whole bunch of planes in the sky while Mommy and I went to the zoo. It was HOT and very sunny!

I played with a wall of water. What fun!

This was taken before lunch. I wasn't very cooperative.

After lunch -- much happier!

I sat on a neat wooden camel.

Smile for the camera!
...and then I fell asleep.

Back at the hotel I blew bubbles. There were lots of bumble bees in the flowers and we got along great. They got nectar from the flowers and I blew bubbles ... but we left each other alone :)
I tried to make bubbles in the fountain but it was doing a good job all by itself.

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