Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 10 --
I had another big day today. We went to ZooAtlanta and I saw lots of cool animals!

Here's a picture of Mommy and I sleeping. We slept until 8:15 this morning - we were pooped!

Look at me- I'm ready to drive! Get in Daddy!

We're here - it's the zoo!


Wow, look at them stand on one leg. I wonder if I can do it?

This baby warthog is nursing Mommy's milk just like me!

R-H-I-N-O! I saw him take a mud bath.

Mommy's favorite - ZEBRAS!!

OOOOHHH look at the giraffes!

They're so big. I like the giraffe. He was hungry so he went to get a snack of hay. I decided I was hungry too so I munched on some Veggie Booty.


Just relaxin'...

Ring-tailed Lemurs!

Mommy and I snuggled up in a bird's nest.

I saw gorillas....

...and river otters...

...and orangutans....

...and I went through a tunnel! Just like a naked mole rat.

Naked Mole Rats are ... interesting.

Back out the tunnel!

A komodo dragon (1/3 of him)

A red panda!

This is LunLun the Giant Panda.

Ooooh what's over there? A tiger! A clouded leopard!

This kangaroo has a baby in her pouch! It's just like when I ride in the Ergo on Mommy.

Family of kangaroos.

I saw three sleepy pigs.

See them? I do!!

I touched a sheep (he was busy eating hay)...

...and a goat (also busy eating hay)

We went on the Carousel (I rode a tiger)...

...and Daddy rode an otter!

On our way out we FINALLY saw some elephants. This is Dottie - she's going to have a baby next spring!

Oohh a baby elephant.

Kisses for the baby elephant.

We went to the Panda gift shop to bring home a special friend for me. Can I keep them all?

When I can't nurse I have to settle for my toes. I prefer nursing :)

I combed Mommy's hair while she worked on the crossword puzzle.

It was hard to get around with this big lug over me!

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