Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 6 --
Today we went to the Children's Museum of Georgia and then went swimming at our hotel.

There were lots of balls to play with at the Children's Museum. I ran around and picked up as many as I could.

See all the mechanical stuff that moved balls around? It was so much fun to watch!

OOOOh! A HUGE cow!

I slid down a BANANA slide!
(the slide wasn't very slippery. It was hard to go down!)

Climbing up...

Coming through!

I hugged a duck!

I'm operating a forklift and bringing groceries into the grocery store.

mmm....I made cake in the kitchen. I fed it to Dadddy.


I played with the trains, although this little boy kept stealing them from me.

Which circus job will I have? RINGMASTER!

I'm all ready to do my circus job.

Now I'm fishing. I caught one!

Playing the piano....dum dum da dee do doo da DA!

Hahaha I see me in the mirror!

Over the river.. oh, wait - that's not the right song.

Looking up at the trees with Mommy.

I'm the Ice Cream (wo)Man. What can I get for you? That'll be $4.25. Hey, gas is expensive!

Off to my next stop...

Walking with my purse.


I'll get the ball, don't worry.

Fun in the water with Mommy.
...and then I dumped my Veggie Booty on the floor. Daddy helped me clean it up.

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