Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9 --
I had another a big day today!! First we went to CNN and went on the tour. We weren't allowed to take pictures due to security policies so I have nothing to share. I learned a lot :)

After CNN we went to the Westin Hotel, which houses the Sun Dial Restaurant. We didn't eat at the restaurant but we went all the way up to the top of the hotel (where the restaurant is located) to go to the observation deck.... on the 72nd floor... via a glass elevator. (Mommy hates heights)

Here are the rings in Centennial Olympic Park.

Here's a great view of the park and a chunk of downtown Atlanta.

Mommy and I on the observation deck.

Daddy and I on the observation deck.

And of course, all three of us!

I have the silliest big mouth grin!

After we left the Westin we went to the Georgia Aquarium. Did you know aquarium means house o'fish?

Walking with my twin...

There were fish swimming ABOVE my HEAD!

Daddy look! A whale shark!

Daddy took me down to see the divers that were swimming with the whale sharks. There were so many fish and I wanted to find Mommy to show her.

Fish! TROPICAL fish!

Mommy, Me, and Daddy at the Pacific Barrier Reef


Mommy and I went into a tunnel to see the penguins. Do you see them off to our right?

This otter was sleepy after playing with his ball in the water.

Peek a boo!

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