Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9 --
Today I had a much shorter day of sight seeing. We went to Atlanta Botanical Gardens and I saw lots of neat plants, including a Venus Fly Trap! I also saw some tiny frogs, some fish, and BIRDS!!

On the way to the gardens I tried putting Mommy's sunglasses on my foot.

I see you!

Sniff, sniff. The flowers smell wonderful!

Watch me wave Mommy's hand!

Mommy and I were looking at the fish in the water.

Look at the frog! He's silly.

I gave the frog a hug...

...and a kiss!

After the gardens we went back to the hotel and I took a long nap. Daddy went off to explore for a little while and Mommy and I hung around reading books and playing games. We walked over to the pool to put our feet in but I had other plans. First I had to stand on the first step and then I had to touch the water with my hands. When I reached over to touch the water I got my whole bottom wet. Mommy decided that since I was half wet I might as well play in the water so I got to go swimming :)

For dinner we went to a place called "Steak N Shake". Seriously.

I wore the Steak N Shake hat.

Daddy and I read a book together. He asked where the otter's nose was and I pointed to my own! I'm still working on possessives...

See? Steak N Shake!

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