Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5 --
Today we had a big day. We went to the World of Coca-Cola, had lunch at Centennial Olympic Park, and visited Underground Atlanta.

I found a big turtle on the wall. It looks like he's trying to use a telephone!

Mmmm....fruit punch. We tasted lots of Coca-Cola products from around the world. Mommy even tasted VEGIBETA -- it's VEGETABLE soda from Japan! Brave mommy.

I filled up a cup with Coca-Cola for Daddy to drink.

We got free bottles of Coca-Cola. Daddy let me pull them off the conveyer belt!

I tried to put the hat on the polar bear. I was successful :)

I had a seat on the ground, ate some cheese, drank some water, and watched all the people.

We went to Centennial Olympic Park. There was a place on the ground that had the Olympic rings and water shot out of them! There were lots of kids playing in the water and one of them ran straight into Mommy, getting her pants all wet. Luckily Daddy held me high enough that no one ran into ME.

Look at all the pretty flowers!

Look at me and Mommy. Aw, she's so great.

Who needs toys when you have a piece of rope?

Hey Dad!! Over here!

I was playing with some hula hoops. This little girl was showing me how to do it.

Hoops hoops hoops!

I made some sand art in a Coca-Cola bottle with Mommy. Look how good I'm doing pouring the sand into the bottle!

At Underground Atlanta we took a picture with some really neat parrots. I was very distracted by the bird on Mommy's shoulder!

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